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Picodya is happy to announce a collaboration agreement with NIAID, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases within the NIH. This partnership will bring together the expertise of the NIH in biomedical research and Picodya’s cutting-edge technology, to improve the speed and accuracy of disease diagnosis and treatment. Picodya, developing an automated platform for in-vitro diagnostic testing, enables healthcare providers to deliver real-time, affordable, lab-quality diagnostic tests at the point of care.

Tzvika Barkai, Picodya’s Co- Founder and CEO added: “The partnership between NIAID and Picodya is an exciting development that has the potential to greatly advance the field of medicine and improve the lives of patients everywhere by making diagnostic testing more convenient, affordable, and accessible. With the ability to be deployed in various settings, this platform can reach to a much larger population, making it possible to detect and diagnose diseases in early stages”.