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A versatile onsite IVD product suite for all healthcare settings

The B-MatrixTM product suite allows healthcare providers from various settings to choose the platform that is the right fit for them with the perfect size and throughput. Built on the same core technology, our B-MatrixTM platforms allow you to grow the testing capabilities as your clinical and business needs evolve. All platforms use the same consumables, thus supporting simple introduction of additional test assays.

Bringing best-in-breed diagnostics
technology to the Point of Care

Simultaneous processing

Runs samples in parallel, up to 120 samples an hour

Uses Machine Learning

Advanced image processing algorithms developed using ML to ensure accuracy of results

Fully integrated

Patient’s results are updated by integrated connectivity to any info system

Single click to results

The system does it all, from sample preparation to results

What is the best

B-MatrixTM for you?


  • 4 tests an hour
  • Supports testing of up to 16 markers
  • Runs 1 Assay Pack at a time
  • Ideal for physician house calls, personal home use


  • Up to 12 tests an hour
  • Houses 1 Diagnostic Pack – up to 16 markers can be tested
  • Runs 4 Assay Packs simultaneously
  • Available in 2 configurations: desktop and cart-based, mobile system
  • Ideal for small, medium-sized practices, and nursing homes


  • Up to 30 tests per hour
  • Houses 2 Diagnostic Packs – up to 32 markers can be tested
  • Runs 8 Assay Packs simultaneously
  • Cart-based, mobile system
  • Ideal for large physician practices, Emergency Departments, retail pharmacies, Urgent Care centers, small labs


  • Up to 120 tests per hour
  • Houses 12 Diagnostic Packs – testing capacity of over 100 markers
  • Runs 48 Assay Packs simultaneously
  • Ideal for central labs, hospital labs, research centers, and mass screenings at airports and venues

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