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Unparalleled, PicoPowered technology for multiple panel testing

The B-MatrixTM system is the first point of care hybrid solution that can run IVD tests, both immunoassays and molecular assays on the same device at lab-comparable quality. At the heart of the system is novel PicoFluidic technology. This proprietary technology allows it to work at high capacity testing for a panel of markers simultaneously, using just pico volumes of reagents and controls. This enables ultra fast results (as fast as 15 min.) at a fraction of the cost of comparable tests. The technology is scalable, so it suits all settings and throughputs, from provider offices to large scale testing at airports.

The Diagnostic Pack

The disposable Diagnostic Pack cartridge (DP) is the only PicoFluidic chip in the world that can run up to hundreds of patient samples, each for a panel of syndromic tests using the same chip. Picodya’s technology efficiently uses pico volumes of reagent in each test, saving significant costs.

The Assay Pack

The single use Assay Pack (AP) runs full ‘wet’ protocols of blood, urine, saliva, and nasopharyngeal swabs. The AP is pre-loaded with blisters containing the reagents needed, as well as the slide with the membrane, where the reaction takes place. Multiple Assay Packs, each containing a single patient sample, can be tested simultaneously, each per the selected range of tests.

How it works


A patient sample is collected and loaded into the AP. The AP is then loaded into the system

The system extracts the slide from the AP and places it on top of the DP to receive a print of a thousand-capture reagent droplet matrix (antigen/antibody)

The slide returns to the AP. It is washed, blocked and the patient’s sample is administered over the sample-designated area on the slide

The slide moves to the DP again and receives a printed droplet matrix with the reporting reagents

The slide moves to the optic system that captures the fluorescence reaction

Image processing is performed and results are processed and presented

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