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The most versatile IVD lab

in any clinical setting

The B-MatrixTM diagnostic system is the first hybrid solution that can run both immunoassays and molecular assays at lab-quality, on multiple patient samples, simultaneously within minutes. The B-MatrixTM is designed to minimize turnaround time, driving better outcomes while reducing costs.

Bringing best-in-breed diagnostics
technology to the point-of-care

IVD lab-comparable capabilities

A wide range of high-quality syndromic testing panels

Turnaround as short as 15 min.

A shorter time to treatment drives better care

Ultimate versatility

Flexible platform design, meeting different diagnostic needs

Automated, high throughput

Fully automated, from sample to results, with multiple samples running in parallel

The Diagnostic Pack: The power of PicoFluidics

Each disposable diagnostic cartridge can run up to hundreds of samples, each for a panel of syndromic tests, using pico-volumes of the costly reagents. The cartridges feature hybrid diagnostics, comprised of both immunoassays and molecular assays.

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The Assay Pack: Use any bodily fluid

The single-use Assay Pack can run blood, urine, saliva, and nasopharyngeal swabs. Multiple patient samples can be tested simultaneously, each per the selected range of tests.

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The B-MatrixTM Simultaneous processing driven by advanced algorithms and AI

Our unprecedented system is fully automated and can run up to 120 assays per hour, saving on labor expense. It is driven by PicoFluidics and image processing. It can integrate with any information system to ensure the patient record is updated.

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