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Led by an exceptional team

Founder & CEO

Tzvika Barkai

25+ years of experience spanning business management, operations, R&D, and engineering. Tzvika was the CEO of ExtraPlastic, VP Operations and Director of Product Development at Netafim, and VP Service Supply chain at Orbotech. Currently serves as the Business Chairman of Kibbutz Hatzerim and a board member at Netafim.
Founder & CTO

Yehuda Yavets-Chen

A developer of complex multidisciplinary systems for over 30 years, Yehuda is the mastermind behind Picodya’s groundbreaking technology. He holds numerous patents and is the founder of several startups. These include Phinergy (Israel), Faro Innovation (Italy), and Advanced Robotics (USA).
Product & Clinical Development

Uri Keler, MD

Uri is a medical doctor and experienced health IT professional with a strong clinical, product, and business-management background.
Senior Biological Researcher

Liraz Kantor, PhD.

Liraz is a KOL in QC management, genetic kit development, and calibration in compliance with ISO and GMP standards.
Senior Biochemist Researcher

Ilana Margalit, PhD.

Ilana is a life science technology specialist, inventor, and developer who has led product development with worldwide sales.
Senior Biological Researcher

Tomer Keren, PhD.

Tomer is a senior scientist with a 20-year track record in R&D management in the biomedical IVD industry.

Merav Yarmus, PhD.

Merav has more than 15 years of experience in regulatory and clinical affairs, mainly throughout development phases and successful submissions for FDA clearance and CE marking.
Senior Biochemist Researcher

Ilina Kolker, PhD.

Ilina brings 12+ years in R&D with extensive Industrial experience in sensor product development & commercialization of IVD products for POC clinical diagnostics.
Senior Biological Researcher

Lindy Kahanovitz, PhD.

Lindy boasts extensive work in the biotech diagnostic industry developing and validating a variety of POC assays for IVD infectious diseases.
Senior Biomedical System Engineer

Yakov Blumenstein, PhD.

Yakov’s 14+ years in R&D includes technology & production, laboratory operations, and process development management.
Senior Application Researcher

Toma Tomov, PhD.

10+ years in experimental design and execution, method development, data analysis, and DNA nanotechnology.
Computational Biologist

Eyal Shalom, BSc.

Eyal has vast experience in building data and analytics solutions using advanced statistical and machine learning models.
Head of Product Development

Ran Kleinhaus, BSc.

Over 2 decades of experience in technology and product development in cost-effective mass production of technologies.
Head of Product Engineering

Amir Marcus, BSc.

Amir is a mechanical engineer who has been managing projects in multidisciplinary product development and engineering for 10+ years.
Head of Electronics & SW Development

Gilad Barak, BSc., MBA

Gilad brings 30+ years of experience in the development and technical product management of multi-disciplinary systems over a wide spectrum of technologies.

Collaborating with world-class

Founder & Chairman

Eli Bensimon

30+ years in senior roles including CEO of Netafim Mexico, VP Americas, and VP Business Development for Netafim, and Business Chairman of Kibbutz Hatzerim. Currently Chairman of Negev Ecology, General Partner at SIBF, and board member at both Netafim and Kibbutz Hatzerim.
Board Member

Avi Schweitzer

45+ years of experience in product development and engineering. Currently Netafim’s CTO, previously VP Product, VP R&D, and Head of Research. BSc and MCs in electrical engineering and BSc in chemistry from the Technion and BSc in chemistry from BGU.
Board Member

Or Ben Shoshan

Current managing director at SIBF VC with 15+ years of VC experience managing and mentoring startups; chairman and BoD member for several fast-growing tech companies.

Nathan Keller, MD PhD.

Acting chairman of Institutional Review Board at Sheba. Former Director of Clinical Microbiology at Sheba Medical Center; Former Chairman of the Israeli Society for Infectious Disease.

Irun R. Cohen, MD

Prof. of immunology at the Weizmann Institute with 50+ years in research. Director of T Cell Vaccination, Director of Robert Koch-Minerva Center, Director of National Institute of Biotechnology, among others. Recipient of numerous awards including the Robert Koch Prize (Germany), the Teva Founders Prize, the AESKU Prize, and an UFIS Prize.

Doron Gerber, PhD.

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, with 15+ years of experience in proteomics mapping viral interactions against the human proteome. PhD in biological chemistry from the Weizmann Institute.

Dr. Daniel Duek, MD PhD.

Chief, Human Immunology Section at NIH, Program Co-Director, PREMISE. 20+ years of experience at the VRC-NIH with 15+ years as a tenured senior investigator. Recognized global KOL in immunology.

Prof. David Margel, MD PhD.

Current Director of Men’s Health at Raphael Hospital. Expert in oncology with deep research and clinical expertise in cancer screening and early detection techniques.

Hadar Marcus, PhD.

Senior Researcher at the Israel Institute for Biological Research and an expert in the development of immunological assays for evaluation of cellular and humoral immune responses. Ph.D. from Weizmann Institute and a Clinical Research Curriculum Certificate from the NIH.

Fred Samuels, PhD.

36+ years of senior management experience in R&D, process development, and manufacturing of point-of-care in vitro diagnostics. Former managing director of Orgenics Alere’s Israel division, acquired by Abbott in 2016. PhD. in Biochemistry from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a Rockefeller Foundation Post-Doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School.